These pages are about the historical guesthouse or inn „Der Adler“ (The Eagle“) near Isny, Germany. And about a desperate attempt to save a part of history.

The „Eagle“ is a listed historical building, a famous landmark, and much of the local history is concentrated within its walls.

Older than half a millennium, important events took place at this location: here, peasant uprisings were plotted, queens and princesses visited, and Nobel laureate Gunter Grass presented his most famous novel at the inn for the very first time. Artists, celebrities and, in modern times, architects and historians visited the place, delved in the atmosphere and dined in the restaurant.

In recent years, the inn was mismanaged and lost its restaurant. No longer functioning as a hotel due to the worsened skiing conditions in winter, the building was in danger of being torn down.

At this point, a bank clerk from Ravensburg, a town about 60 miles away, decided to take action: he personally bought the land and the structure and undertook it, by himself, to struggle with bureaucrats from monument conservation, with town representatives who had limited interest in protecting the famous building, with a weary and distrusting local public who could care less about history and were interested, mainly, in the motives for this spectacular buy.

Help arrived, but helpers soon fell into discord about methods and goals.

So these pages, for the near future, will try to tell the story of an old and sad building, that’s wearing history like a burden on its oaken shoulders.

And we will see what can be done about the rescue.

I, for one, shall do all I can in telling the story, advertising the project, and looking for help and comfort.

Preservation always is a task for the desperate and crazy.


Timmo Strohm,
volunteer for PR